Practice Areas


Lo studio legale ha maturato, nel corso degli anni, una specifica competenza nei seguenti ambiti di intervento:


Through many years of professional activity dealing with public administration offices, some of our associates can guarantee a high standard of legal assistance in the field, in and out of Court, in any area of administrative law, especially for what it concerns public employment, collective bargaining agreements, environmental law and zoning law before any administrative court across the national territory.The Firm also relies on well-established partnerships to get expert advices and meet clients’ needs in the best way.
Our dedicated criminal section can help you deal with any aspects of criminal law issues, especially on offences against individuals, against public administration, against justice administration and zoning law violations. The Firm is also able to lead Companies through prevention of crimes and offences process, in compliance with the legislation in the field.
We believe that the best lawyer is not only that one who wins cases in Court, but, most of all, that one that gives his best to fulfill his customers needs in the best possible way. Many of our associates are qualified civil Arbitrators and can therefore lead clients through the arbitration process towards their target.
The Firm’s activity in this delicate field is carried out in partnership with medico-legal expertise advice in matters developed in either private and criminal law context. We provide legal assistance in car accidents matters, helping you deal with any circumstances that may occur, from insurance coverage to recovery for damages, in and out of Court.
Some of our associates gained a wide experience in this field, through many years of professional activity, for privates customers as well as working as Official Receivers in the dedicated division of Rome’s Court. The Firm can deal with every customers’ need an always try to find out-of-court settlements in the interest of either the creditor and the debtor.



The Firm represents and advises, across the national territory, on employment, labor and social security matters, including hiring and termination of employees, in pre-trial and trial stage, always giving its best to better meet customers’ needs.
The Firm is able to assist its customers for any issue that concern social security, disability and work-related injuries litigation process. We collaborate with specialist to always provide you the best possible service.


 The Firm looks after its customers’ needs in this delicate field. Family mediation, assistance through separation process, children custody matters, divorce, protection of minors, immigration process and any other issue concerning family and its everyday aspects, individuals and their rights. In such a delicate field, our team uses an approach that leans towards assistance and comprehension of our clients’ needs, trying to find a way through pre-trial conciliation in the first place, especially when minors’ interests are involved. We guarantee assistance through separation and divorce process, giving, thank to well-tested collaborations, medical and psychological assistance as well, when that is needed. Extra care is given when minors are involved, in either private and criminal law matters. We give our best to make sure that minors’ rights are never put in prejudice.
The Firm always assisted  its customers in any stage of the succession process. Our team is highly prepared in the field and can guarantee the maximum care in any circumstances.
We provide specific assistance for heritage division issues, in and out of Court, trying to settle any kind of litigation that may occur between heirs


Real Estate

The Firm has gained a wide experience in the field, through many years of activity in lease management and contracts. Our activity involves any aspect of the field: from contracts to eviction, from extended loans to rent arrearage, etc. offering the same care, with the same high level of preparation and efficiency either to the owner and to the tenant. We look after our customers’ interests in any stage of the lease contract and its developing, to find the best solution in the least possible time. Our associates keep themselves updated with the latest legal innovation in the field to always perform their task at the best of their abilities and deliver the best possible service, in trials and during the pre-litigation phase as well.

The Firm has developed a specific competence in real estate management, in over 10 years of professional activity. The Firm’s activity has been carried out collaborating especially with public entities and real estate management companies as much as with privates with medium and small real estate assets. Our activity involves every matter of the real estate management field, in trial and pre-trial phase, to better serve client needs.

The Firm is always updated with the latest legislation in this dynamic field. We are able to assist either single owners and professional administrators, with the same degree of preparation and attention for details, to always deliver the best service to our clients. Our activity involves any matters of this complex field, including the construction of housing estates and their administration, through reliable external partners. In compliance with the law and in our customers’ interests, we go through the arbitration process in the first place, always trying to find possible out-of-court solutions, with remarkable economic benefits for our customers.


Many of our associates are specialized in Corporate Law and M&A. The Firm has various ongoing  collaborations with many financial and accounting partners, to always offer the widest range of options to its clients. We provide assistance in any aspect of the corporations activity, from its constitution to its commercial contracts, mergers and acquisitions, transaction, antitrust legislation and closing. Lately, as a consequence of the deep global economic crisis, the firm committed to promote the internationalization of Italian companies all over the world, facilitating the exportation of technologies and know-how overseas.