The Firm



The law firm consists of ten professionals, each one of them presenting an individual, peculiar, preparation and field of competence and knowledge.

Facing the constant legislative evolution and complexity, our aim is to build a young, dynamic and eclectic structure in which the customer, public or private, can rely and make sure that his rights and interests are taken in care in the best possible way. This is also made possible by a team of expert professionals that meet the highest standards of preparation and, at the same time, keep themselves updated with the latest changes and innovations in the field.

The firm has three offices. One is in Rome, in Via Giambattista Vico 22, in the Flaminio suburb, very close to the Courts district and the main political and economical centers of the city. Another office is in Naples very city center, in Via Enrico Pessina 90. The third office is in Milan, located right in the business district.

Even though our activity is mainly carried out in Rome’s, Naples’ and Milan’s Courts district, through a high number of  well-tried joint-venture and partnerships, we are able to perform tasks and accomplish goals in most Italian main cities: Turin, Florence, Bologna, Palermo, Catania and Cagliari.

The main feature of our firm is the tight bond between technical-juridical preparation of our associates and our major concern: attention for details and the instauration of a relationship based on trust between our associates and the customer, built on a high quality service, efficiency in the execution of any task and cost transparency.

In compliance with law’s latest evolutions, the firm always cared about loyalty and professional integrity towards the customer, giving its best to always provide the best possible service together with the highest cost transparency. For any case that is submitted to us, we offer the client a wide range of solutions and costs, evaluating and preventing in advance any kind of inconvenient that may ensue.

To ensure its customers get the best out of their experience with BSTC , we also provide a specific insurance coverage for any damage that may occur.

For us at BSTC, the customer is the center of our professional activity: attention for his needs and deep care of his interests are our inspiration and our main concern.